RE Build with you a more sustainable economy

We connect you across Europe and together contribute to reducing the electronic carbon footprint

our mission

Our mission

At Hexachip, we believe that it is more than ever time to change user behavior and mentalities. Our mission is to resell a maximum of new electronic components in excess stock, to fight against waste and contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint. We want to offer our community a simple, intuitive and efficient place to exchange, offering high value-added solutions, for a customer experience that encourages and motivates companies to resell its excess components  ... and to their colleagues to come and buy it with peace of mind.


Fight against the destruction and non-use of new electronic components

Natural resources

Optimizing the extraction and use of the world's mineral resources

Circular economy

Promote "anti-waste" exchanges between European companies

Our values

It guide us in our daily actions and decisions

#1 Impact

This is the raison d'être of the Hexachip adventure. We want to develop a sustainable company with a strong impact in favor of sustainable development, climate and circular economy, while being compatible with the needs and requirements of our customers.

#2 Transparency

Without transparency, there is no trust and no lasting collaboration. We believe that healthy and profitable business relationships must be based on honesty, in order to obtain the best commitment from the different stakeholders (employees, partners and customers).

#3 Relationships

Putting professionals and companies in touch with each other, is first of all to commit one's credibility, and then to bet on human relations, which is what makes all the difference.

#4 Accountability

We have a duty to provide the best service to our community. We are also accountable for our day-to-day commitments to our customers, employees and partners. We always care about the quality of our work, our words and our actions.

Our history

For the record ...

Alexandre Zurlo, Hexachip project leader, has developed for more than 8 years the activity of a very small company specialized in the design manufacturing and marketing of IoT solutions dedicated to Smart Parking. Every year, he noticed the waste of electronic components and the lack of obvious solutions to overcome it. The adventure was born at the beginning of 2022 from a desire to undertake, to have a societal impact and to provide innovative solutions to the entire electronic ecosystem, while contributing to reduce our carbon footprint.