Don't let your excess stock of electronic components sleep any longer ! Easily resell at the best price from a large community of buyers and improve your CSR actions with the circular economy.

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The new anti-waste B2B purchasing channel for electronic components

Take advantage of our community to buy at the best price your references available immediately in Europe.

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Hexachip value-added services

Our value-added services

Our ambition is to make you want to revalue your excess stock and to buy on the community electronics market, for its simplicity, its efficiency and its societal impact.


Testing solutions to rule out product defects and counterfeits

Single intermediation

The best customer experience to ensure that supply and demand meet


Origin and dating of stocks, Origin of vendors, Packaging, MOQ

Phygital sales depot

A premium service of sorting, storage and sale taken care of by us


Seller rating for a virtuous platform and a trusted community

History & Statistics

Transaction history and unit price evolution for a better anticipation

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I restrict waste, I become an actor of a more sustainable economy and I contribute to reduce the CO2 emissions of the electronics industry.

Track your impact

With each transaction, you limit waste and the manufacturing of new unnecessary electronic components. You will be able to track your impact and that of the community on the reduction of CO2 emissions related to the life cycle of electronic components.

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